Anne’s work is always about people, their habitations and their things; she makes portraits about the real or imagined history of places and of people and assembles installations attempting to distill something of the subject.

Anne collects tools, culinary implements, measuring devices, combs and brushes; all of these things relate to some kind of repeated human activity. These sounds and the rhythms of these activities are part of everyday life and the ordinary objects we use to order our world.

Anne’s intention is to transform a known
and ordinary thing into something new and
not previously imagined.

Featured Work

Anne Graham, The Gardens of Stone, 2020

Anne Graham, The Gardens of Stone, 2020

Anne Graham, The Gardens of Stone, 2020

Recycled woollen blankets, dyes,wood, painted steel bases, Courtesy of the artist and Kronenberg Mais Wright, Sydney

Artist Statement: In 2015 I completed a short residency at The Big C Gallery in Bilpin, NSW. Yuri and Rae Bolotin introduced me to the Gardens of Stone. The Aboriginal occupation of this place dates back at least 11,000 years. It is a special place that we must preserve. Activities such as off-road driving and mining can destroy this heritage. I want in this work to at least begin to draw attention to this magical place. I have used discarded woollen blankets, rubbish I suppose from our affluent society, to draw attention to, as Charles Darwin said to: “Nature which is a power incessantly ready for action and is immeasurably superior to man’s feeble efforts as the works of nature are to those of Art”.



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