David Newman-White is a highly acclaimed visual artist. 

He studied in Australia and has taught at East Sydney, Liverpool, Penrith and Seaforth TAFE, The Gallery School, Meadowbank Northern Institute TAFE, Nepean Art and Design Centre, Western Sydney Institute and the Norman Lindsay Gallery & Museum (National Trust).

Along with various Australian galleries, David has exhibited work in the Genesis, at the Agora Gallery in New York’s Soho district, in Nude or Naked at the Clatsop Community College in Portland, Oregon and in Drawing 2012 at Lausanne, Switzerland.

Artist Statement

During the covid period 2020 till now, I have spent my time creatively producing large scale paintings for the walls of Lithgow Baptist Church in Bowenfels. Using traditional themes from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, I have produced ten oil paintings on canvas. Church members as it also was during the high Renaissance and during the Baroque period have been modelling as subjects for a range of themes from the New Testament.

I was born in Nowra NSW in 1952. My art education began in 1970 at St George TAFE, Kogarah where I was enrolled in an Introductory Art course followed by Intermediate Art in 1971. Completed a four year Diploma at Alexander Mackie(C.A.E.); followed by an Graduate Diploma in Education (Sydney Teachers College; Graduate Diploma in Professional Arts Studies at Alexander Mackie; MA(Hons) Visual Arts with the University of Western Sydney graduating in 1996.

 Employed as a teacher if Fine Art drawing and painting by TAFE NSW from 1980-2017; Employed by the National Trust, Norman Lindsay Art Gallery and Museum as a tutor for figure drawing from 1996-2018.


— A D V E R T I S E M E N T —

Career History

Exhibition: Coventry Gallery and Hogarth Gallery Paddington, NSW mid to late 1970‘s.
Also at the Penrith Regional Gallery,
Maitland Regional Gallery, Bathurst Regional Gallery, Riddoch Gallery South Australia, Jasu Gallery Margate Queensland, Lane Cove Cultural Centre, Casula Power House, Dunmore Lang College, Macquarie University and City Art, St Andrews Sydney.

International Exhibition: Swiss Art Space, Lausanne Switzerland 2012; Agora Gallery Soho, New York City, 2004. Astoria Oregon, USA 2008.

Commissioned by the Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, Windsor NSW to create ten large scale portrait drawings of Hawkesbury Regional Artists for an exhibition titled “Time Leaves it’s mark”, “The Art of ageing”.

Publications: Pratique Des Arts, le livre 2016, “40 Matres du pastel”. France.

Oz Arts Magazine, Spring 2016, David Newman-White pages 26-35.

New York Gallery Guide, p. 20, Soho Agora “Genesis”, Nov 12-Dec 4, 2004.

Casula Powerhouse, Catalogue “Anima e Spirito”, June/July 1999.

Australian Religious Diary, 2004 “Empyrean” & 2005 “Entombment”. David Lovell Publishing, Melbourne Australia.

Swiss Art Space, Catalogue, Drawing 2012 “International Exhibition of Contemporary Drawing”, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Australian Pastel Expo 2018. September p 16 & 35. Caloundra, Queensland.

Trail Location

We won’t be visiting David’s Studio this time but we will be engaging with David’s new religious works in the wonderful Lithgow Baptist Church, 1073 Great Western Hwy, South Bowenfels NSW 2790

Latest News

David Newman-White’s “The prophetess Anna,” an exquisite oil on canvas painting from 2023, is a captivating work of art that deserves to be celebrated and explored in greater detail. This masterpiece not only showcases the artist’s technical prowess but also delves into the rich world of storytelling and symbolism.

The painting, “The prophetess Anna,” undoubtedly draws inspiration from the biblical narrative found in the Gospel of Luke. Anna, also known as Anna the Prophetess, was a devout woman who is said to have lived in the temple of Jerusalem. In the biblical account, she is described as an elderly widow who spent her days worshiping and fasting, and she was blessed with the ability to recognize Jesus as the Messiah when he was presented at the temple as an infant.

Featured Work


“Brushstrokes of Life: The Artistry of David Newman-White” is a captivating short video documentary produced by ZenosMedia that delves into the world of the renowned painter David Newman-White. This intimate portrait explores the life, inspirations, and creative process of an artist whose work has left an indelible mark on the art world. In this visually stunning documentary, viewers are invited into David’s studio, where he shares his deeply personal connection to art and the world around him. Through a combination of candid interviews, breathtaking shots of his masterpieces, and glimpses of his artistic process, the documentary uncovers the intricate layers of emotion and meaning that define his work. “Brushstrokes of Life” also explores David’s profound connection to his faith, which serves as a limitless wellspring of inspiration for his work. 

His ability to capture the soul of subjects through his art is a testament to his mastery of the medium. As we follow David’s artistic journey, “Brushstrokes of Life: The Artistry of David Newman-White” offers a profound meditation on the enduring beauty of the ‘face of man’ as a doorway into how we appear in the world and the transformative power of art. It’s a visually stunning and emotionally resonant tribute to an artist whose work reminds us of the profound connection between creativity and the human spirit.




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