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My work has always drawn from domestic function as a context, yet I rarely produce anything functional. Rather, I hope to promote reflection on the purpose of these objects.

The process utilised is a contradiction to the final pieces created- I employ a production process of slip-casting that is designed to create exact replicas, however the end result is always unique, one-off pieces. It’s easy to overlook something ordinary we use everyday; my work is trying to expel the overlooked everyday use of ceramics, and instead highlight the beauty we can find in the objects around us.

I intend for my ceramics to contemplate the relationship we have with objects in our environment, with a heavy emphases on both the final aesthetic result and the making process. I am interested in creating objects of curiosity as well as of beauty, resulting in a combination of both functional and non-functional pieces.

Within my art practice, I also have a love of re-using and reinterpreting or reconceptualising objects and designs; and have often utilised traditional forms or found objects to which I can add a new story, whilst still referencing the notion of sentiment. I love that these forms act as reminders of previous generations, and the role that ceramics played within their social culture.

II make ceramic vessels and sculptures. I work with stoneware, throwing, coil building, sculpting, carving and pinch pots. I incorporate different techniques keeping the forms simple and elegant.

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